UX Research and Strategist

San Francisco
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Geoff Goodman

Job Description:

The UX Researcher and Strategist is responsible for understanding people through convincing qualitative, quantitative research and desirable strategy for user value and experience across a wide array of technologies.


Our work appears on smart phones, tablets, computers, televisions, wearable's and other devices. We are looking for a talented collaborative UX Researcher and Strategist to join our group and bring new energy to our process.


You should be ready to identify business opportunity and create concept. You need to help at all stages of UX design and product design, from uncovering new user experience and product concepts to detailing the intricacies from the out of box experience, to the product experience after a year of usage.


We are interested in passionate and self-motivated individuals who are comfortable in a highly fluid environment. You will bring drive, smarts, and curiosity; we will provide the environment for you to thrive and grow.


Core Competencies:

•          Team Leadership

•          Strong User Experience Research, Strategy and Design experience

•          Ability to think and act strategically and proactively

•          Dedicated and strong attention to detail

•          Strong time management skills

•          Resource and project management skills

Essential Functions:

•          Conceptualize, document, visualize and develop ideas for experience and products and take them from germinal to shippable

•          Work on experience, products and features in close collaboration with other stakeholders

•          Creating experiences that successfully accomplish appropriately set goals

•          Crafting ideas that turn complex and confusing into simple and understandable




Education Required:          Education Desired:

Bachelor’s Degree in related field          Master’s Degree preferred


Skills Required:

•          Document, visualize results of research, strategy and new ideas, high fidelity user scenarios

•          Able to present and defend ideas to the internal team, and help critique and push the rest of the team to better work

•          Clear, concise and transparent communication style

•          Action-oriented, diligent and flexible

•          A clear understanding of design-centered processes and proven methodologies for identifying and solving problems


Years of Experience:

5 ~ 10 years in user experience design



International and Domestic travel is required(2-3 x a year)