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Downtown Detroit
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Michelle Yelverton

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We are seeking a Data Scientist for our valued client in the energy industry for a contract opportunity in Detroit, MI. 


Seeking a Data Scientist to pull data from our customer systems and turn it into information to help shape the Digital Customer  Strategy

Customer data and preferences are the foundation for achieving the Digital Customer Strategies.

With the implementation of C360 billing system, there is a plethora of data available to provide insight into customers. Unfortunately to mine this data to turn into information, a gap exists in manpower and technical expertise. 

Examples of customer data:

CRM, Foresee, MSI, MPSC complaints, Customer call data, Social trends, Google analytics, Focus groups, Benchmarking, JD Power, Customer incoming emails

The data can be used in many ways to support our digital customer strategies:

•             Understanding our customers’ communication preferences are paramount to developing the right solutions.

•             Creating journey maps to:

o             learn what our customers do next after receiving a notification.

o             Analyze the customer journey in the channels (which channel did they start in, and were they able to complete their transaction or did they switch to another channel; determining patterns around failure points)

o             Analyze the customer journey (number of calls, complaint history, behavior after social interaction)

•             Developing a robust data analytics process that is automated and sustainable to provide insight into customers’ preference, next best action and usefulness of communications.

•             Cost/benefit analysis of notifications and social media interactions

•             Identify target markets for marketing

•             Demographic analysis of customers and how they choose to interact with us

•             Collecting and analyzing social volumes, trends and themes

•             Develop tools/reports/insights into our customer survey data

•             Investigate impacts of BOT technology

•             Benchmarking


Skills needed:

•             Knowledge of SAP utilities including ISU, CRM, Business Objects

•             Perform data-mining, modelling, and hypothesis generation in support of high-level business goals.

•             Strong skill set in statistics, technology, mathematics.

•             Basic understanding of utility business.

•             Previous experience with journey mapping utilizing quantitative data.

•             Strong oral & written communication skills to present data as a concise story.

•             Ability to translate data into meaningful summaries and recommendations for leadership.

•             Self-starter – ability to work independently.

•             Ability to process, cleanse, and verify the integrity of data used for analysis.

•             Ability to create automated reports/analysis with an emphasis on anomalies.




1 years Knowledge of SAP ISU CRM Business Objects 

7 years data mining, modelling, hypothesis

1 year Understanding of utility business