Senior Sales Analyst, Content & Analytics

Madison, NJ
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Christina Clark

Job Description:

Seeking a Senior Sales Analyst, Content & Analytics to be responsible for managing the vision, requirements, technology and tools throughout the full lifecycle of digital shelf projects for a major Pharmaceutical client in Madison, NJ. The Senior Sales Analyst will be responsible for setting up, managing, evaluating and troubleshooting for the Digital Shelf Content database and publishing technology. This role will play a critical role in creating digital shelf content, storing it, publishing it and managing the start up with new technology to streamline the process. 

The Ideal Candidate 
Seeking an individual who has a solid understanding of the online retailer digital shelf, product detail page content, technology and tools to support digital shelf content publication and evaluation. This individual is passionate about the role that technology plays in delivering accurate, customized product page content to shoppers, measuring the success and optimization of content. 

• Has a strong understanding of technology and tools to support digital asset creation and publication 
• Has an impeccable eye for detail and a knack for shopper communication 
• Is drawn to the challenge of making physical products come to life on a digital screen 
• Has a passion for developing best in class technology, processes and content to help shoppers research our products and make purchases with confidence 

Key Responsibilities 

• Lead the integration of eCommerce capabilities and tool development (20%) 
• Build and maintain workflows, where relevant, to drive the automatic collection of item content across departments 
• Lead the business through the product content lifecycle management process (creation, management, share/syndicate) 
• Administrator business data changes from time of request to resolution 
• For data alignment and integrity, serve as liaison and a subject matter expert to all other departments on product and category content 

• Customize eCom Content assets and copy to meet retailer specific needs (30%) 
• Leverage digital shelf tools and technology to identify gaps in retailer specific digital shelf content requirements 
• Manage development of missing content assets with 3rd party agencies: Includes briefing agencies on content objectives and requirements; providing feedback; and ensuring content is delivered on-strategy, on time, and on budget. 
• Manage retailer requests to develop customized eCommerce Content 

• Publish Retailer Specific eCom Content (20%) 
• Distribute eCom Content assets (images, video, enhanced content) to customers through WebCollage and other tools
• Analyze, troubleshoot and report on user site interactions using syndication tools 
• Report on syndication findings and opportunities 

• Assist in building Best in Class Content, Tools, Technology and Processes (10%) 
• Proactively look for ways to improve internal processes and systems, and recommend improvements 
• Develop best practices and train team members on eCommerce content 

Develop and disseminate organizational eCommerce reporting, analytics and insights (20%) 
• Ability to research marketplace trends and make recommendations on future state opportunities 
• Ability / rigor around content benchmark reporting and insights