Jr Multiplayer Designer

Redmond, WA
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Jack Coleman

Job Description:



Work with design and community team to understand design vision and goals 
Participate in playlist design, curation, and creation with the Sustain team 
Design and implement multiplayer content, including maps and modes 
Identify multiplayer opportunities using weekly feedback from the community and player data 
Manage tech pipeline for multiplayer updates 
Schedule and actively run playtests to generate feedback 
Maintain design documentation 
Fix multiplayer bugs and coordinate with QA team to validate updated playlists 
Monitor the health of overall multiplayer matchmaking, ranking, and player ban systems and identify opportunities for improving player experience 
Review community creations and deliver feedback and guidance to the creators 
Plan, design, and ship special multiplayer events with themed playlists, maps, and player rewards 
Collect community feedback and respond to players in online forums and chat channels 
Communicate and coordinate across several teams within the studio 

Qualifications and Skills: 

Working experience with game editors and content management systems 
Strong understanding of classic multiplayer modes, systems, and sandbox 
Understanding of matchmaking and playlist management 
The ability to clearly articulate design decisions and mentor junior designers 
2+ years of game industry experience on AAA multiplayer shooter titles 
Team player with great written and verbal communicate skills 
Excellent problem solving skills with a focus on both creative and analytical solutions 
Exhibits great organization skills and attention to detail