Product Marketing Writer

New York, NY
Job Terms:
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Courtney Schaefer

Job Description:

As a Product Marketing Writer for 7+ months at a Fortune 500 multi-national tech company, you'll help execute on processes to inform the client's customers via blog posts about new products and features aimed at transforming their businesses. Rather than simply launching new products, we want to "land" them, smoothly, so our customers have a world class experience with the client's products. 


- Ensure Launch Readiness and Maximize Product Launch Results.

- Work with Product Management and Product Marketing to define effective launch goals, identify and prioritize launch strategies, and assess organizational readiness.

- Generate Launch Announcements for specific product areas.

- Work with PM/ENG and PMM on generating external launch announcements for all launches impacting customers and partners.

Mandatory Minimum Qualifications

- BA/BS degree (or equivalent practical experience)

- 4+ years of experience working on product-related communication and program management

Preferred Qualifications:
- Ability to balance competing priorities and manage several time-sensitive projects with minimal direction in a fast-paced environment
- Adept at building strong cross-functional relationships and working cross-functionally with multiple teams and organizations
- Ability to get people to do things according to a timeline when it may not be their first priority
- Creative problem-solving and strong analytical and technical skills, combined with a strong sense of ownership, and a proactive can-do attitude
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Client Description:

One thing we know is that this client, as big as it is, is still setting the standard for not only the product they’re turning out, but for the way they conduct business.

Our client is the global leader in technology, with offices in many major cities. As different as those cities are, you can expect that the personality of each office is the same. Commonalities include bringing people together in the physical work space, outlets for creativity (outside work-related exercises), and a setup for brainstorming on the fly, whenever the opportunity strikes.

What they see in your resume, if you’re selected, is your ability to be an autonomous thinker, and a team player; someone focused, and driven to push the envelope who can also let down their guard and have fun with the team while doing it; someone who has the intellectual capacity to challenge even the most innovative thinkers without the hubris that tends to accompany it. No egos here!

Here, everyone is considered a project owner, and expected to give 100%, even when the path forward isn’t necessarily clear.

Work here, and know you’re working with a Forbes #1 rated company.

Work here, and know you’re setting the pace for digital products globally.

Work here, and find the challenge of your career!

And in case you’re afraid you won’t have time for other things, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Fitness center access

  • Discounts on things like dry cleaning and oil changes

  • Free lunches

  • Convenient commuter shuttles