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Dallas, TX
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Cecilia Krepelka

Job Description:

The Content Designer will work under the direction of our VP, Creative Director and will be responsible for upholding our brand standards while creating effective, dynamic and well thought out presentations and infographics. We believe in using data-driven insights to guide our work, as well as a healthy dose of spirited storytelling as we strive to transform the home lending landscape. We’re looking for an individual who can effectively break down complicated ideas and tell them in a meaningful way and wants to be part of the beginning of a world-class in-house creative team. 

The Content Designer will have a strong eye for design and will be primarily responsible for the designing, guiding and updating the look of all internal and external presentations, event materials, website/blog, and social media content. This person will be working with the marketing team, communications team and investor relations team, as well as other internal clients as needed to ensure that all branded presentations exemplify creative excellence. This person must have the ability to communicate information and data effectively through the use of animation, builds, as well as through the creation of easy to understand infographics, charts and diagrams. 

Key Responsibilities: 
• Create custom style templates and visual style guide for new presentations as well as update existing templates. 
• Ensure all presentations are delivered in a beautifully designed, consistent, accurate, and impactful manner under tight deadlines. 
• Designing and assisting with design for presentation concepts, social content, infographics, signage, and website concepts 
• Brainstorm with clients and creative team to develop ideas to transform generic, text-heavy presentations into more graphically engaging, concise and interactive experiences. 
• Conceive bold slide designs and case studies, bringing data and perspectives to life through the development of data visualizations, infographics and charts, and assist in the development of marketing and presentation materials 
• Offer key executives consultancy-type service when developing meeting and business update presentations. 
• Work closely with team members to communicate high-level presentations. 
• In all social media-specific concepts, be sure to understand various execution formats and incorporate creative/design/layout best practices for various social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and YouTube 
• Create simple animations that can be exported as looping GIFs and cinemagraphs 
• Ensure all visual design adheres to existing brand guidelines 
• Work across multiple mediums in a very digitally-native, tech-savvy manner 

Key Skills and Experience: 
• Bachelor Degree or equivalent required. (Art, Design or UX degree preferred) 
• 3-7 years of agency or major brand experience. Experience in digital, traditional design studio or advertising agency working across multiple disciplines preferred 
• Highly refined design sensibilities, with an awareness, understanding and interest in contemporary design trends 
• The ability to organize information eg. layout design, infographics, general organization 
• Attention to detail while keeping big picture goals of what we’re trying to achieve in mind 
• Able to take abstract or complex tech and business concepts and develop them into something concrete and more easily understood through visuals 
• Expert in presentation development with a love of PowerPoint and Keynote 
• Design tools: Adobe CSS, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign 
• Interest or skill in animation and motion graphics 
• Superior attention to detail. 
• Strong work ethic and an ability to function in a high pressure/high ambiguity environment. 
• Passion for learning new skills, expanding experience. 
• Ability to learn new technologies quickly and create improved efficiency 
• Solid written and verbal communication skills 
• Portfolio examples required 

Client Description:

Based in Dallas, Texas, a financial company that provides quality servicing, origination and transaction based services related principally to single-family residences throughout the United States.