Photographer Technician

New York, NY
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Corey King

Job Description:

This Project requires the collection of high-resolution imagery of artworks, photographs, and other 2D objects, belonging to partners of the client's cultural institute, using a Tabletop Scanner. In future, the Tabletop Scanner may be loaned to the client's partners and we may require Temps, Vendors, or Contractors to train partners on how to use it. 

Tabletop Scanning specific requirements: 

  • Provide high-quality photographs using provided Tabletop Scanner of certain art works/2D objects at certain locations of the client's cultural institute
  • Manage the delivery of the Services to ensure that all art works have been photographed and all such photographs are of a suitable quality and approved by the client within the timescales set out below.
  • Ensure that all Services are carried out in accordance with any technical and operational guidelines provided by the client from time to time, including the client's Tabletop Scanning Operator Instructions.
  • Ensure that all images are successfully uploaded within 12 hours of returning to Your offices, to the client, for secure storage. 

Backup of Imagery:

  • You must ensure that all images are backed up on a portable hard drive before the operator leaves the Cultural Institute Partner site. 

Management of Workload:

  • You will be responsible for ensuring that the Services are managed in such a way that planning and scheduling is carried out as far as possible during quieter periods where fewer visits to Cultural Institute Partners are planned. 


  • Updating the Tabletop reporting metrics and giving weekly verbal and written reports at team meetings or via e-mail. 

Collection of Imagery:

  • You will use the client-provided scanner to collect the Imagery in the Location(s) and during the mutually agreed­ upon dates specified in writing by the client. The artwork captures will take place at specified locations as communicated to You by the client. 

Reporting of Imagery:

  • Collector will provide the client with reports of its progress (including the dates and locations of the collections, a log of all Imagery collected, details about the Imagery, and any notes on the condition or capture) after each collection (unless otherwise specified in writing by the client). 


  • Images will be captured by the scanner provided by the client, and all imagery data generated by the capture should be supplied directly to the client without alteration. 

Storage of Imagery:

  • The images taken will be stored and uploaded to a Google Drive destination. Information on this will be shared by the client before the capturing starts. 

Backup of Imagery:

  • You must ensure that all images are backed up on a portable hard drive provided by the client. 
  • For the avoidance of doubt, the client owns all the imagery collected with a partner of the client.