Responsive Web Application Developer

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Tannah Castro

Job Description:

The Web Application Developer will be working on a custom enterprise web app for the Research and Engineering team. This app will pull information from a vendor app called CrudeSuite, so they will need to build APIs for that. 
• The front end will be built for engineers to be able to quickly see the data they need but will need to allow them to drill down and filter data. There is another C# app that will also feed into it, so there will be some metadata that needs to be pulled in from it. 
• The developer will be building graphs and visualizations of data using PlotLy 
• The role will be a 50/50 of Front and back end development. 
• The app will have its own SQL database 
• Must be familiar with interacting with and building custom APIs 
• Need to be familiar with mathematical models that will be provided by researchers. They will need to know how to integrate Python libraries 
• The entire app is going to be 4-5 pages 
• They will need to know Angular (preferably the latest version) and will need to know Bootstrap 
• The team consists of one other contractor (not sure what they do) and 2 researchers here in Houston, and 1 developer in Brazil 
• The UX has already been completed including wireframes and an interactive prototype built in Tableau but his person will take part in some of the usability tests and prototyping 

Job Description
• Responsible for architecting, developing, and supporting various new and existing Responsive-Web Applications for internal business users. 

Basic Function: Developer 
Job Responsibilities (Day to Day Activities of the Role): 
• This role will be asked to help contribute to maturing development processes and assisting team mates. 
• They will have to both collaborate with the team on larger features as well as work independently on smaller ones. 

Soft Skills: 
• Collaborative 
• Analytical 
• Self-starter 
• Proficient in English (written & oral) 
• Accepts criticism / feedback 
• Have exceptional problem solving and communication skills. 

Technical Skills: 
• Write clean, concise, robust and well-documented code. 
• Strong understanding of HTML5 Semantics 
• Proficient in use of Angular JavaScript Framework and Bootstrap 
• Proficient in JavaScript (i.e. understands the core functionality of JavaScript) 
• Proficient in Object oriented CSS 
• Experience with SASS 
• Understand MVC – Both for front end and back end site architecture 
• Experience with task runners – Grunt or Gulp 
• Strong understanding of web services and object oriented principles. 
• Experience with SQL Server 
• Experience with developing .NET & NodeJS applications 

Desired Skills or Experience: 
• Experience with designing responsive web sites 
• Design and development of RESTful APIs using .NET webapi 
• Experience with Python 
• Experience with GIT & TFS