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Seattle, WA
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Zoe Mote

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Research, design, develop, and write business process and troubleshooting documentation for Tier 2 support. Working with Content Lead and subject matter experts, identify areas of greatest documentation need; update existing documentation, identify and link to partner-authored materials, and write new documentation as required. Validate documentation accuracy and usefulness with subject matter experts, and publish documentation using internal tools. Recommend improvements to documentation organization and templates, to optimize usefulness.


In addition to proven technical and business-process writing experience, the ideal candidate has strong journalistic instincts, a background in Search technologies, experience writing content for Support agents and Engineers. We need this person to have a technical writing background so that they understand how software comes together.


Writing samples required.



  • We need a technical writer to come in and rationalize docs we have in separate sources. We need them to help identify the important content is with help of SME.’s they will agree on content, then they will go out and pull together sources that directs content need. They will also at times write new content/and or modify existing content.
  • Review what is in place and make decisions of what to get rid of, and come up with new accurate usable content
  • The audience are global support Engineers. This will be procedural and troubleshooting content. The goal is to enable the engineers to do good quality work.
  • They will be creating troubleshooting documentation. Looking for writers that have a technical inclination. Have a background with high tech. Most important is Journalistic instincts. To go out and research and find information that they need to pull info into usable procedure


Required Experience

  • 3-5 years’ experience working as a technical writer (or certification with strong samples).  
  • 3-5 years background in technology and software development (if recent grad from program above this is not required).
  • Fluent with modern software tools- good level of expertise with excel and content publishing tools (RoboHelp, MadCap Flare, etc.).
  • Knows how to work with support engineers – trouble shooting procedural standard operating procedures