Software Developer

Redmond, WA
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Zoe Mote

Job Description:

Designs and develops internal business systems/applications under deadline pressure or takes primary role in smaller, low risk projects. Communicates and defends design, requirements, feature set, functionality, usability, localization issues, and limitations of subsystem to the team. Specialized expertise in specified areas of client/server development environment and solid software engineering practices required. Must be considered an expert in a specific business/functional area. Must have the ability to proactively identify issues and coordinate resolutions.


Required Experience

  • Minimum 6 years' experience working in C#, ASP.NET MVC
  • Minimum 4 years' experience working with client-side technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Ability to write performance code using existing and/or self-designed fast data structures that are efficient both on inserting and searching
  • Ability to refactor code so that it no longer requires unnecessary repetition.
  • Experience writing SPAs (Single Page Applications)
  • Understanding of HashTables and .Net structures
  • Ability to design fast data structures to cache data as much as possible to prevent unnecessarily hitting slow resources
  • Deep understanding of LINQ (including execution timing).
  • Deep understanding of recursion and ability to implement fast recursive algorithms and manipulate and debug existing recursive methods
  • Experience architecting database solutions
  • Deep understanding of SQL Server, relational databases, cascading delete and update constraints, index constraints, being able to boost up SQL Server tables with/without the help of SQL Server Profiler