Label Production Artist

San Ramon
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Paige Eddington

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We are looking for a Label Production Artist. 

The key responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to: 
Coordination of required changes to packaging changes 
Responsible for review and change request activities for the approval and release of labeling and other packaging components. 
Communicate with outside vendors regarding packaging artwork and proofing as necessary. 
Responsible for maintenance of all packaging filing systems, paper based and on line. 
Monitor and, when necessary, work with functional and project management to address issues that could negatively impact schedule or quality. 
Foster and improve content consistency across labeling. 
Coordinate and perform desktop publishing and labeling artwork generation using graphic design skills and knowledge of graphic design principles. 
Manage content changes (and mitigate their impact on schedule and consistency) by pushing teams to focus on accuracy and completeness. 
Leverage expertise with labeling procedures, requirements, and quality system to ensure all deliverables are fully compliant and free of errors.