Marketing Manager

Mountain View, CA
Job Terms:
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Courtney Schaefer

Job Description:

Aquent's client - a Fortune 500 multi-national technology company in Mountain View, CA is hiring a Marketing Manager for 6 months to help make their process more efficient. They are looking for someone who can consolidate best practices within each of several work streams and create corresponding marketing materials. 

Overall Responsibilities: 
We are looking for someone who can consolidate best practices within each of several workstreams and create corresponding marketing materials. Here are three sample activities: 
(1) Interviewing a team of our core Business Development Managers to understand how they describe the program to prospective partners in various verticals, and creating corresponding 1-page program overview fliers for each potential vertical. 
(2) Interviewing our Strategic Partner Managers to consolidate themes and best practices for creating webinars for our Partners, and creating a skeleton template for webinars. 
(3) Understanding how each of several different ad product offerings works and creating corresponding 1-sheeters describing how a partner might pitch selling that product. 

Top 3 Daily Responsibilities: 
1. Conducting brainstorming sessions and internal interviews to understand best practices; distilling information
2. Learning about various products and operational practices through research 
3. Creating marketing materials, such as fliers/1-sheeters, sales pitches, infographics, sales scripts, webinar templates, etc. 

Required Skills: 
* BA/BS Degree in: Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Design or equivalent experience 
* 2+ years experience in customer insight research, customer insight interviews, and marketing material creation 
* Experience consolidating information from various team members to tell a story 
* Experience creating corresponding marketing materials for external use at scale 
* Experience with brainstorming Facilitation 
* Experience with Ideation Synthesis 
* Experience with marketing Flyer Creation 
* Experience with marketing Content Creation