Manager, US Pipeline & Launch Strategy

Princeton, NJ
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Erica Schmidt

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New product optimization: Owns subset of post-submission assets and determines value-maximizing product strategy (launch strategy incl. launch date, inventory build, prioritization, IP strategy, regulatory and D&R strategy)
New product forecasting: Oversees collection of fact base (single source of truth) for a portfolio of new products (focus on post-submission) including commercial, IP, RA, SCM, market/investor and other public information. Forecasts all new products in her/his responsibility for different purposes (e.g. new product selection, launch at risk & litigation settlement, CAR, product reprioritization, 5YSP, TGT, LO).
Launch Execution: Together with Commercial Operations lead the go-to-market commercial execution for launches to ensure optimal launch performance
Launch analytics: Conducts standard launch analytics (~24-6months before launch). Reviews launch analysis and provides recommendation to Senior Management for value-maximizing launch strategies (e.g. launch dates, inventory building decisions, resourcing decisions).
Cross-functional strategy alignment: Partners with IP, Finance, Project Management, and Portfolio Management to develop and systematically apply a methodology to maximize new product value with settlements.
Executive Management reporting: Reports the updates and progress of product portfolio to the executive team in a concise, clear and fact based recommendation wherever applicable
Proposed strategies and successful execution thereafter as accepted by management (leading indicator)
Forecasting: Forecasting accuracy for LFs for TGTs (both measured as forecasted net sales over net sales actually achieved), for prioritization of pending applications, and for new product selections or deals (measured in % change of forecast over 12 months).

**** Experience in Brand Launch" and "Brand Forecast" ****

Undergraduate degree in business or related fields required.
MBA or equivalent preferred.

Required Skills:
Powerpoint, Excel
Launch analytics
Generic launch