Augmented Reality Developer / Interactive Developer

Seattle, WA
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Christena Peterson

Job Description:

Do you have a strong background in Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality development? Do you find yourself immersed in the projects as you are creating them for the users? If this sounds like you, please keep reading! Aquent is currently sourcing for an Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Developer for a thriving and fast-paced Fortune 500 client local to the Seattle, WA market area. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 1 year of experience developing new application using emerging new technologies such as 3D, voice and gestures. Individuals will have a strong understanding of the current state of application development and user experience. 


  • Proficient with 2D/3D motion tracking
  • Build frameworks for creating applications on a variety of different platforms
  • Creative in nature with a talent for writing clean and easily maintainable code
  • Create realtime video-based graphics intensive visualizations that leverage machine learning inference on devices 
  • Utilize neural networks, such as DNN, RCNN, YOLO, etc, to create machine vision experiences, including facial AR and pose estimation 
  • Create machine learning workflows using Tensorflow, cloud workflows like AWS Sagemaker or Google Cloud AI, and docker 


  • Bachelor Degree in related field preferred
  • 1+ year of experience creating 3D games for AR/VR
  • Experience with 3D game engines, 3D graphics development, OpenGL, Kinect and/or Realsense
  • Experience using openFrameworks in school, internships and/or on projects
  • Experience using C++, Objective-C/Swift, OpenGL/Metal/OpenCL 
  • Experience with machine vision frameworks and hardware
  • Experience using serverless/cloud services like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions 
  • Experience deploying to devices using solutions like Docker and NPM to automate application/data/model deploy workflows