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Lake Forest
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Jessica Wolcott

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Drupal Developer

Client needs freelance help with site as it is currently being managed by a agency and the company is looking to bring this inhouse. 

The freelancer will help with:

  • Getting what client needs; the agency is willing to provide documentation, etc.
  • Work with custom Drupal templates; be able to work through someone else’s code
  • Provide maintenance updates, etc

We imagine we’ll need the freelance for at least a week to do the initial migration and then possible ongoing work. The work will take place in three phases. 


The Phase 1 

- Get documentation and other needed info from agency


Phase 2

- Setup repository to receive code from agency

- Ensure new repository pushes to production server


Phase 3

- Perform security / maintenance updates

- Add new page types / functionality

- Opt-In forms, etc.