Character Technical Artist

Redmond, WA
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Bob Bailey

Job Description:

A renowned game studio is looking for a Character Technical Artist to help develop new experiences in our universe. A Character Technical Artist creates rigs and believable deformations on characters, weapons, vehicles and props, empower other disciplines and solve technical production issues. 

Ideal Candidates: 
• Facial rigging experience. 
• C# and C++ (Maya API) experience. 
• 1+ years of experience in the games industry including shipping AAA console titles. 
• 3+ years or more of production experience within the fields of Rigging/Character Technical Art.

• Develop character, weapon, and vehicle content in Maya and game engine. 
• Solve technical production issues, especially those related to engine related troubleshooting. 
• Work with content teams (such as animation or design) to collaborate on asset creation. 
• Optimize assets to fit within performance budgets. 
• Become proficient in proprietary workflows and pipelines. 
• Create technically sound rigs and in-game assets for characters, weapons, and vehicles. 
• Demonstrates, communicates and exemplifies clear expectations for quality of work, productivity, communication and professionalism to the team. 
• Identify missing and help create documentation and tutorials relating to technical issues. 
• Excel as a team player and strive to maximize team/department performance and collaboration. 
• Based on experience - Develop tools, scripts, plugins to streamline processes. 

Qualifications and Skills:
• Degree in Computer Science, Commercial Art or related fields. 
• Experience within the fields of Rigging/Character Technical Art. 
• Proficiency in Python and MEL. 
• Expert knowledge of Maya for animation and rigging. 
• Expert knowledge of Animation principles and Kinematics. 
• Solid foundation in human anatomy and mechanical principles. 
• Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills. 
• Work well under deadlines and multi-tasks. 
• Is self-motivated and self-reliant. 
• Excellent troubleshooting skills.