Technical Editor

Washington, DC (Metro Accessible)
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$30.00 + subsidized benefits
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Cynthia Escalante

Job Description:

-Explain the publishing process to customers. 
-Estimate the time it will take to complete tasks and schedule projects to meet customer requirements. 
-Contribute as an effective team member. 
-Handle changing priorities and diplomatically react to advice and criticism. 
-Consult with production staff and customers to improve information design, structure, and organization. 
-Help customers to analyze and design information for specific purposes or audiences. 
-Explain to customers, the processes for funding, distributing, and storing files for publishing projects. 
-Research, fact check, write, edit, and help customers clear technical materials. 
-Edit manuals, handbooks, management instructions, notices, publications, signs, tags, and other documents for organization, comprehension, accuracy, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. 
-Reword information for clarity, conciseness, and (if necessary) specific tasks. 
-Monitor the clearance and approval process. 
-Monitor production stages. 
-Notify customers about the status of the project via email notifications throughout the stages of the publishing process. 
-Perform document management and tracking tasks for each document. 
-Guide customers on the requirements of Section 508 of the Workforce Investment Act. 
-Edit documents to be consistent with concepts and use of “Plain Writing.” 
-Find process solutions to problematic projects by gathering data and interviewing customers. 
-Meet with customers and team leader to identify issues with particular projects. 
-Manage multiple, complex document projects simultaneously. 
-Understand the capabilities of publishing software and content management repository. 
-Prepare documents for composition using the high-end book publishing and track changes features of Microsoft Word. 
-Use knowledge of Microsoft track changes to help customer submit documents. 
-Respond to requests from the Material Distribution Center to upload artwork to BlueShare to reprint documents or coordinate revisions if necessary. 
-Help customers develop usability surveys to ensure the information being presented is clearly understood by the intended audience and know how to test and analyze functionality and usability. 

Client Description:

An independent agency of the United States federal government.


Ideal Candidate has focus on policy related materials - someone who edits technical type of materials and perhaps has worked in a government environment previously.

Education and Experience 
This position requires at a minimum: 
-5-years of experience in writing, designing, or developing publishable material about technical topics, and 
-An associate degree, but preferably a bachelor's or advanced degree in English; journalism; communications media; technical communication; publishing; or other, related liberal arts. 

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