Mixed Reality Software Design Engineer

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Jack Coleman

Job Description:

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help create innovative 3D applications.
Candidates must have experience with 3D, AR, VR (Mixed Reality), and hands-on experience designing, implementing, and optimizing components for use in run-time graphics applications. 
Strong C++ expertise is a requirement. 

Required qualifications 
• 5+ years’ experience in software development 
• Strong C++ language skills. 
• 3+ years’ experience developing runtime systems such as games or graphics software 
• Solid grasp of software engineering best practices 
• Demonstrable experience implementing complex software systems or app components 
• Demonstrable understanding of systems architecture and software performance principles 
• BSc degree in CS or equivalent experience/education 
• Legally permitted to work in Canada 

Preferred Qualifications: 
• 5+ years Game Development experience within the Online, Console or PC space. 
• Experience with real-time graphics APIs is an asset: DirectX11/12, OpenGL, Metal, Vulcan 
• Experience working in large teams with modern version control systems like Git. 
• Comfortable working cross-platform: Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS. 
• Experience with commercial 3D engine(s) is an asset: Unity, Unreal 
• Agile methodology experience 
• Experience using Visual Studio