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Redmond, WA
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Jack Coleman

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Job Description

  • A major AAA FPS game developer is looking for an Engineer to join the Forge team working on the next experiences. We are seeking talented, experienced developers who want to redefine the FPS experience by enabling player-generated content.
  • As an Engineer on the Forge team you will work on all aspects of a user facing tool which spans many features such as level design, modifying engine settings and game play scripting.  You will need to work with existing features and their owners to create hooks for players to control them.  We follow an agile, iterative process and you will be working with designers and artists to come up with priorities and proposals for ways to improve the quality of life for internal and external users of Forge.  The ideal candidate will love getting their hands dirty finding ways to leverage existing systems to enable content creators to do more.



  • Drive enhancement and development of new and existing tools in Forge
  • Coordinate with other teams to leverage new features in Forge and create new content
  • Work with designers to plan new features and find ways to improve the user workflow of Forge
  • Work with producers to accurately schedule and coordinate cross-team to deliver polished, fully comprehensive features

Qualifications and Skills

  •     5 years c++
  •     Experience working with large and complex tools and codebases
  •     Passion for creating amazing AAA game experiences  
  •     Previous game development experience and knowledge of game development technologies    
  •     Solid 3D Math skills (linear algebra and trig.)  
  •     BS degree or equivalent industry experience    
  •     Good understanding of algorithms, performance, optimization and debugging
  •     Strong Cross-Team Communication Skills. You can talk to creatives (e.g. artists and game designers)