Procedure Writer

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Haley Smith

Job Description:

  • Ensure final approved “publish ready” documentation (procedures, requirements and supporting documents) conform to prescribed templates and style guidelines by performing the following editing and publishing tasks within RoboHelp: 
  • Analyzing drafts for overall flow and logical progression of tasks 
  • Identifying gaps and pose questions to the reviewers (Subject Matter Experts (“SME”), policy and process owners) 
  • Translating procedures from passive voice prose to active voice, using numbered lists and if-then tables as appropriate. 
  • Applying style standards and utilize project processes and templates 
  • Identifying keywords to enhance search results. 
  • Incorporating reviewers' edits and answers, and finalizing documents for publication 
  • Draft succinct “Contextual Help” overviews to be used in the KYC system to assist users in understanding the requirements at a field level 
  • Collaboration with Compliance, Policy and other Senior Stakeholders for feedback/approval to ensure appropriate procedure governance standards are followed 
  • Develop a strong working relationship with SME’s from all KYC teams including  AML Compliance, Quality Assurance and other COB Global team members 

Client Description:

An exciting opportunity to join an international operations support team. The team has two main responsibilities: 1) – Desktop Procedures who are responsible for ensuring all Desktop procedures and documentation are complete, correct and in place to ensure all New and Incremental business is on-boarded properly and 2) Advisory & Learning Support who are responsible for providing guidance on operational process and will identify and build the training requirements/program for the global organisation. 


• B.A. Degree or equivalent  
• 3+ years of business writing experience, particularly editing and reformatting detailed procedural documents into succinct, easy to follow steps. (Writing exercise may be requested.) 
• Experience with Adobe RoboHelp as a procedures editor/library tool (or equivalent application) preferred but not required 
• Competency with Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio) and SharePoint 
• Knowledge of AML and KYC regulatory requirements preferred but not required 
• High attention to detail 
• Demonstrated organizational and time management skills. MUST be able to prioritize workloads, multitask, and react quickly to consistently changing business expectations. 
• Demonstrated interpersonal skills, team player, with an ability to build effective relationships at all levels of the organization