Data / Business Analyst

San Francisco, CA
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Luisiana Cruz

Job Description:

Services to be performed 

Understand AMU accounting UAT (User Acceptance Testing) workflows, Work with Music APO team to create country launch as well new product UAT plans, Perform the UAT testing and create verification test bed for APO to sign off - This involves going through various subscription transactions, Keeping track of the work through tickets/spreadsheets, Ability to work on Linux platform to create scripts to automate certain steps, Building, publishing and debugging various accounting related configuration files 

Required skills 
2+ years of work experience as program analyst/business analyst/finance analyst 
Work experience with Linux, Perl 
Proficient in reading, managing spreadsheets or similar data files 
Clear communication verbal and written 
Strong organization skills 
Understanding of Finance and Accounting systems 
Work experience in distributed software systems 

Preferred skills 
Work experience in Finance and/or Accounting systems 

This team is responsible for doing plumbing work between music subscription and transaction checks for accounting. The program analyst will help the accounting team perform manual tasks of configuring  accounting systems, perform UAT acceptance tests for each subscription launch as well new country launch. 
This analyst will be configuring different systems all falling under accounting domain. 
They will listen to all transaction events like credit card charged, subscription cancelled etc and update those events in ledger books per the event like cancellation, payment etc. Then reach out to the accounting team to verify the change made. 
Analyst should be able to use Excel, maintain spreadsheets and understand data modelling. 
They should be able to connect the dots as these system are interconnected. Understand and process the change and verify it in interrelated accounting system. 
They should have data processing experience. 
They should know how to create configuration files. 
They should understand these events and how to translate these events 
They are responsible for making changes in the spreadsheet, ledger books deploying and verifying changes. 
They should do UAT for verifying changes, check all the user acceptance scenarios like returning subscription, manually perform the changes. All entries should be entered in ledger books, cross check with accounting team if all the checks were correctly entered. 
Along with previous Financial experience (eg Banking) experience with Linux, PERL and experience in scripting in also important. 
Experience in distributed software systems is important.