Magento Software Engineer

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John Tibo

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Project Description: 
You will lead the effort to become responsible for an existing Magento EE 1.14.X system, bringing it in-house. A 3rd party Magento solution partner currently operates the system. This role is for an engineer with expert experience running and customizing Magento 1.X, leading other developers that have less Magento experience. You will create a deployment pipeline so that other engineers can contribute Magento customizations. In addition, there is opportunity to participate as a developer creating application features in using Node.js and React. 

Skills Overview: 
What are the MUST have skills that you are looking for in a candidate? 
Required Experience 

At least 8+ years of relevant broad software engineering experience (open to 5-7 years’ experience at the level II Rate $90.25) 
BS/MS in computer science or engineering (or equivalent professional experience) 
Experience Running a Magento 1.X system in production. 
Experience developing extensions for Magento 1.X. 
Experience Developing with PHP. 
Experience with MySQL adminstration. 
Experience running Magento with Apache 2.4 
Experience performance tuning Magento 1.X. 

Preferred Experience 

Interest in Node.js 
Interest in React 
Experience using automated testing to ensure quality 
Experience with Linux system administration 
Experience with running Magento on AWS. 
Experience with AWS EC2 and AWS MySQL RDS. 
Experience specifically with Magento EE 1.14.X. 
Experience specifically with PHP 5.4. 
Experience creating REST APIs on Magento 1.X 
Experience with Git 
What are the technologies and the depth of the technologies that a candidate must have in order to be successful in this role? 
Magento, PHP, Front-end skills