Technical Writer II

Seattle WA
Job Terms:
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Tamira Imondi

Job Description:

We are hiring a Technical Writer with 5 + years experience for our retail client in the Seattle Wa area. 

Required skills
A minimum of 5 years in a technical writing role
Proven experience designing and delivering customer-oriented documentation
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Experience working directly with development teams

preferred skills
Experience with cloud services or game technology
Experience with instructional design
Experience with an XML-based authoring system
Previous experience working in an agile environment
Passion to thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment
Proven experience using and following the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications (MSTP)
A proactive and open-minded attitude to resolving problems and delivering results​

Details include, package of various software tools that helps game developers make games. Customer facing documentation by technical writers - customers are the people making games. Tickets are for documentation covering various topics. Game engines are very complex software used by designers, artists, programmers. Basically a big tool with a bunch of smaller tools inside of it. Outstanding tickets are areas that haven't been documented. Ex: there is a spelling error on this page, or it can be larger, ex: particle editor needs to be documented. Team is trained and familiar so they take a day and half on average per ticket. Several hundred engineers writing software, documentation team was understaffed, can’t keep up with new engineering work that was happening.

•Key projects: Clear backlog. Chunks of tickets coalesce around a feature area, so the contractor will learn one without much randomization. Get familiar with one area of the engine and work around area.
•Work environment: Pretty flexible, writers commute in from outside of Seattle. Come in around 10-7 or 8. Early starters are fine too. Other people on team will be there starting around 8:30-9.
•A period of collaboration with people who wrote the software, get trained on it and then it’s head down while you’re doing the writing. A little more collaboration while doing a technical review. Writing team are fairly introverted, talk one on one, not noisy and not a ton of conversations.
•No full time remote, but once they get their feet under them, they can work from home one day per week. Need to be on site while they learn.
•No headcount for full time, so conversion is probably not possible. Yes to extensions as long as contractor is hitting KPIs set up internally, getting good results.
•Once they’re trained, expectation is averaging a day and a half per ticket. After an initial month, they’ll be looking to have contract writers hitting something near that. If they’re not getting close to that, it won’t garner an extension.
•FYI: A lot of times, contractors are called in when things are on fire. This is a different scenario, the tickets they have are not ones that nobody wanted, it’s real, actual valuable work.

Experience/Skills Needed:
•Must have done documentation for a significant technical software product!!
•Ownership is pretty good indicator. Writers just document the stuff they’ve been told to document, but those who excel can also work in other documentation and see improvement spot, take initiative and make a change. If something has been presented in a certain way, and it’s overly complicated to write about, maybe there’s a better way to implement, so a good tech writer will let the engineers know.
•Dive Deep is important, have to dive into technical space and deeply understand before they write about it.
•Automatic DQ: If they've never done documentation of a significantly technical software product, they need to see a history of that. Writers doing end user facing, IU that were fairly simple. This is technical software for developers who are technical people. If you see work where they’ve done developer facing documentation.