Account Services Director

Oshkosh, WI
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Dove Ryan

Job Description:

The Account Services Director ensures that client needs are met by monitoring and guiding account and project managers’ activities, and by maintaining an effective level of direct contact with clients. The account services director bears final responsibility for the account’s growth and profitability, and the development of account and project managers. They assign account and project managers their accounts. The account services director supervises account and project manager performance with accounts, and reviews all strategic and media decisions formulated by the various operating departments before they are delivered to the client.

The account services director reviews all creative concepts to confirm whether they meet strategic goals before delivery to the client for approval. The account services director keeps regular contact with all agency accounts at a level, hopefully, higher than that at which the account and project manager works.

Key Responsibilities
To ensure that we are meeting the needs of our clients, the Account Services Director will work hand-in-hand with account managers, project managers and department leaders to seek and implement the best solutions.

This position will be a perfect fit for you if you are able to:

  • ●  Act as the liaison between the client and the agency team

  • ●  Regularly check for and respond promptly to all client communications

  • ●  Work closely with clients to understand their needs

  • ●  Communicate well with team members from across the organization

  • ●  Field client feedback through meetings and surveys

  • ●  Relay client change orders to team

  • ●  Research, learn and maintain knowledge of client brand, product, services and

    marketing developments

  • ●  Explore and provide creative and effective solutions to meet the needs of the client

  • ●  Research, understand, and implement new trends in digital, traditional and experiential


  • ●  Think critically and problem solve

  • ●  Create and manage relationships with clients and their staff

  • ●  Set and report on marketing and business goals

  • ●  Actively seek additional projects/new business from client contacts

  • ●  Present, sell and defend agency work/proposal to client; support team in these functions

  • ●  Collaborate and consult with clients with the goal of extending relationships, increasing

    your client and agency base and optimizing their advertising expenditures 

  • ●  Develop case studies of successful campaigns in order to share insights with clients

  • ●  Serve as a Candeo brand ambassador at industry and community functions

  • ●  Create and maintain Client Contact Reports; Maintain client reference notebooks and/or

    digital archives for all assigned accounts, detailing past work and work-in-progress, and

    all pertinent information needed for meeting client standards

  • ●  Bring an understanding of customer relationship management and relationship

    marketing concepts to the planning process

  • ●  Ensures client relations are positive and stable; and that the president is immediately

    informed of any potential problems with client/agency relations, budget overruns, etc.

  • ●  Meet with account and project managers on a regular basis to review their activities

  • ●  Evaluate account and project manager performance on at least an annual basis

  • ●  Guide account and project managers in career and skills development

  • ●  Provide clients with clear access to senior management

  • ●  Review strategies and recommends improvements

  • ●  Review campaign conceptual directions to ensure strategic marketing objectives remain

    in focus

  • ●  Ensure client needs are properly and efficiently staffed

  • ●  Review estimates, quotes and unquoted invoices to ensure budget requirements are met

    and profitability maintained

  • ●  Review major media and public relations plans, and creative strategies before

    submission to clients

  • ●  Monitor accounts receivable and credit-worthiness of accounts

  • ●  Ensure that financial management of accounts meets agency standards

  • ●  Approve expense disbursements from account and project managers

  • ●  Lead in agency/client contract negotiations

  • ●  Participate in Agency/Client Performance Plan reviews 

Client Description:

Company Overview
Our client is a dynamic and flourishing full-scale integrated marketing agency that lives and breathes brilliant marketing. Their culture is one that supports creativity, openness and professional development. They are dedicated to serving our employees through competitive compensation, benefits and office perks. We ensure that creativity matched with unbeatable passion is in the heart of our being.

They are dedicated to seeking the best solutions for our clients, from new startups to international organizations. Their team members aim to go the extra mile, think in a critical and creative fashion and zealously serve each other and our clients 


  1. The Account Services Director needs a solid background in mid- to senior-level marketing positions and/or demonstrated superior performance as an account and project manager. Advanced verbal and written communications skills, analytical thinking, personal organization and interpersonal dynamics are pluses. The account services director must be a capable personnel manager, with team-building skills and mentoring abilities. A clear understanding of today’s marketing and advertising business and a keen sense of entrepreneurship are essential. 

  • ●  Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, business administration, or related field

  • ●  8-10 years of account management experience, preferably at creative agency

  • ●  Ability to carry out research and preparation for projects

  • ●  Ability to communicate across organizational and client boundaries

  • ●  Experience in organizational team management

  • ●  Strong knowledge of marketing and advertising industry

  • ●  Strong background in business development as well as client service

  • ●  Demonstrates creative problem-solving through successful work in similar environments

  • ●  Possess high emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills

  • ●  Ability to manage time and priorities to work efficiently and effortlessly

  • ●  Highly organized and deadline driven

  • ●  Effective verbal and written communicator utilizing various digital platforms

  • ●  Ability to work in a multi-task, multi-priority, high volume, and fast-paced environment

    with limited supervision and direction

  • ●  Pleasant personality, professional appearance and tact

  • ●  Ability to work effectively on a team with a positive attitude