Technical Editor (East Coast Hours)

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Zoe Mote

Job Description:

Do you have a passion for generating materials to empower people, impact business, and guide customers to make the most of technology?  Do you enjoy the challenge of working with bright, motivated international teams to create guidance, tools and assets that enhance the experience of our customers and partners?  If so, read on.


We are looking for a Technical Editor to work full time with a diverse team of subject matter experts to create high quality deliverables which serve as a foundational framework for our customers and Partners deploying our software in their organization.  The Technical Editor will work across the team to drive uniformity of language, approach and ensure that all documentation is consistent in its tone and delivery.



  • Defines the voice, style, and templates for content creation, including providing guidance to authors to maintain consistent tone and writing style, and managing the lifecycle of asset templates
  • Structure templates to make the move to Markdown easier, much of our content will be presented via Markdown
  • Maintains the appropriate balance of aesthetics and utility to enable the delivery of high-quality content and interactions that delight customers through a variety of channels and devices.
  • Provides developmental editing to ensure that writers consider the entire end-to-end content experience
  • Analyses and organizes complex documentation and communicates recommendations to writing teams
  • Comprehensive editing: reviews documentation for both content (completeness, accuracy, and appropriate language) and form (organization, visual design, and usability)
  • Copyediting: ensures that the document/asset is mechanically correct (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) and stylistically and linguistically consistent across the document set. Ensures that the tone is consistent across all documents given the wide range of authors involved in content creation
  • Proofreading: compares the final version of the document with the marked-up version to make sure that all corrections have been made
  • Compliance: ensures that documents/assets meet accessibility requirements and meets the self-publish guidance
  • Manages accessibility compliance by our team for all deliverables, including defining guidelines, goals, checklists, and best practices, including testing and publishing
  • Oversees content compliance, such as copyrights, geopol term issues, fictitious content, and copyrights
  • Best Practices: Develops best practices to increase efficiency in the editing process
  • Be familiar with tools to convert word documents to Markup for web content and uses tools to publish our key documents to GitHub style repositories


Required Experience

  • Strong technical editorial skills and proven experience of challenging technical experts on document content as
  • Experience producing customer facing documentation
  • Experience using markdown, visual studio, and github
  • Strong understanding of practical guidance when creating customer facing documents
  • Proven ability to express complex ideas in a clear and concise manner
  • Proven Template creation and design skills (examples may be requested)
  • Commitment to building innovative and modern content that will inspire and motivate IT Pros who use our platforms and services
  • Passion for explaining things so others can learn from your experience