Product Brand Ambassador

San Jose, CA
Job Terms:
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Luisiana Cruz

Job Description:

The Innovation Showcase was developed so that our customers and partners can experience our solutions firsthand in an engaging way. It includes several physical vignettes across a variety of retail industries and demonstrates how our products seamlessly fit into consumers’ lives and drive everyday convenient experiences – particularly with mobile. We need a dynamic individual who can both manage this innovative space from an administrative perspective, as well as be able to give comprehensive tours to C-level clients and partners. 
The primary responsibility for this role will be to manage all operations of the San Jose Showcase, including calendar reservations, tour, space, inventory, etc... This will be the back end ins and outs of the Showcase experience so that the day-to-day operation of the Showcase is as smooth as possible. 
Innovation Showcase Manager will need to manage and operationalize the space including: 
• Ensure all technology is working properly and up to date 
• Update showcase experiences based on changing business needs 
• Manage the calendar and scheduling of all tours 
• Work with SJ facilities and office manager to coordinate larger events 
• Re-order supplies and inventory 
• Provide feedback on the current tour experience and proactively recommend improvements to scripts and experiences. 
Additionally, the role will involve the need to assist on tours to internal and external groups visiting the space. This will include the ability to share the corporate narrative through carefully crafted storytelling to bring the full portfolio of products and services to life in real world, tangible experiences. Tours are provided daily to: 
• Customers: to accelerate the sales cycle/deepen the client relationship 
• Employees: to clarify our vision and help them see how the pieces if fit together 
• Media, analysts, partners, government officials and others: to meet specific guest needs 

To be effective in the presenter role, this individual will need to have thorough knowledge of  strategy, products, global business trends, customer behaviors and our competitors. 
Role Specific Skills/Requirements 
• Proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc…: An understanding and ability to work basic computer office programming 
• Highly effective communicator: Excels in passionately and clearly communicating a message to an audience of 1-100 while engaging and holding attention 
• Adaptable: Responds to audience (verbal and non-verbal cues) and adapts presentation to accommodate. Handles basic questions (and challenges) from audience seamlessly 
• Product Comprehension: Able to understand and communicate complex payment and mobile solutions 
• Operational Excellence: Ability to manage the showcase operation and comfortable “owning” the space 
• Self-Starter: Able to work autonomously in NY, while most of team resides in San Jose 
• Tech Enthusiast: Natural enthusiasm and excitement for mobile experiences 
• Creative Design: Comfortable working with designers to update experiences 

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 
• Background in teaching, presentations, writing, and/or theater a plus! 
• Business and technology experience