Project Analyst

Minnetonka, MN
Job Terms:
Depending on Experience
posted by:
Laura Toller

Job Description:

Our client is implementing a new revenue management system for their various locations/business units. The Project Analyst will be working on one project with repeatable steps for each of the 600 locations/business units. Ideal candidates will have strong Excel/Access skills, systems familiarity, and good interpersonal skills. 

The project implementation team has several key steps to perform to launch each location on the revenue management system, which includes: 

  • Communication/status tracking between team members, external vendors, and Project Manager 
  • Configuration steps via a user interface to setup a location on the revenue management system 
  • Offer a brief overview of the position’s function within the context of the specific department or group:
    • Work with Revenue Optimization Team, Project and Program Manager for training on the tracking system and tasks needed in the new revenue management system
  • High acumen in Excel/Access/Systems required for optimal execution of tasks
  • Familiarity with systems from a user perspective 

The Project Analyst will:
1. Interact with Program and Project Manager to learn the configuration tasks and RM system navigation 
2. Complete configuration which includes selecting settings for each hotel based on input from source file in the RM user interface 
3. Interact with Project Manager to learn the tracking system for project (Access Dbase) and tasks to execute 
4. Complete implementation form (excel) and running of reports (external vendor system) for preparation steps for a hotel to go live 
5. Execute and track the various steps requiring monitoring/communication to team and external vendor