Systems / Combat Designer

Redmond, WA
Job Terms:
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Jack Coleman

Job Description:

• Implement Weapons/Vehicles/Player Abilities from paper design through ship under the guidance of the Lead Weapon/Vehicle/Player Designer. 
• Script gameplay capabilities such as weapon functionality, vehicle tuning, and player abilities. 
• Work closely with all disciplines, such as 3d art, engineering, animation, fx, audio, and test to ensure cohesive player experience. 
• Work closely with engineers to develop and maintain level building functionality. 
• Playtest and iterate on content to ensure highest quality. 
• Embrace the philosophy that there are multiple effective designs that can fulfill a goal. 
• Highly motivated and contributes to a positive working environment. 

Qualifications and Skills: 
• 3+ years working as a developing core mechanics on a first person/third person shooter title 
• Deep understanding of gameplay and game design theories and practices 
• Proficient in using game editing software such as Unreal, Unity, Frostbite, etc. 
• Experience in using a text based scripting language (C#, LUA, UnityScript, etc.) 
• Excellent writing and communication skills 
• A love for shooters in general