Change Management Leader:# 8675#

San Ramon
Job Terms:
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Paige Eddington

Job Description:

Minimum deliverables for Phase 3 and 4 using our clients CPMS Change Leadership framework will include: 
- Stakeholder Alignment Workbook with list of stakeholder groups, names, etc. 
- CPMS for Change Assessment 
- Preliminary Gap Analysis 
- Sponsorship Plan 
- Stakeholder Engagements Design and Facilitation (meeting, focus groups, etc.) 
- Stakeholder roles / responsibilities deliverables 
- CPMS Change Readiness Tool 
- Training and Development Analysis and Approach 
- Training Plan and Materials 
- Change Impact Assessment 
- Communications Plan 
- Change Management Plan 

Other responsibilities will include: 
- Responsible for determining the strategy and structure for each type of workshop conducted with stakeholders 
- Coordination of all training logistics 
- Accountable for the strategy and content produced and gathered for stakeholder Feedback sessions 
- Coordination with trainers to determine updates to all change management and training plans and communications 
- Work closely as a project team member and facilitate all project related activities in which the business Subject Matter Experts (SME) need to be involved 
- Responsible for setting project related direction with business SMEs weekly to keep them aligned with upcoming activities and expectations 
- Responsible for working with business SMEs to ensure all business-related project needs are met and project team is receiving feedback, content and participation in all required project efforts 
- Other activities as necessary 

- A minimum of 5 years of experience as a Behavioral Change Manager working on IT projects 
- A minimum of 2 years of experience working on projects that used Agile/Scrum software development approach 
- Behavioral Change Management (BCM) experience over a minimum of 3 years  
- Demonstrated ability to work effectively and collaboratively across department, divisions, functions, cultures and levels in a large global company. Guide teams to successful execution of strategies and network effectively and share best practices within and outside the company. 
- Demonstrated ability to use strong business acumen and creativity to identify opportunities to optimize delivery practices, processes, and models that align with and support business objectives. 
- Ability to use strategic thinking and analytical problem-solving skills. 

Save- Demonstrated ability to engage key stakeholders and gain support by making a compelling case for change initiatives. 

- Demonstrated ability to plan and lead the implementation of behavioral, cultural, organizational, process, or technical changes. 
- Ability to facilitate senior project teams, guided by a strong understanding of group dynamics while driving results and assist in the development of team business planning. 
- Ability to coach leadership teams, project teams, and other business unit leaders to improve decision quality 
- Ability to lead the execution of the BCM strategy – Project Team Optimization, Management Engagement, Stakeholder Management, and Sustainability 
- Ability to function as a core member of a program or project team