Downtown Chicago
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Jessica Guntorius

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Our client is looking for an inspired and prolific multi-disciplinary copywriter and conceptual problem solver. An entrepreneur. A self-starter who doesn't need lots of handholding. An exceptional individual able to work within tight timelines, a variety of environments and collaborate with the best and brightest in the world—all while helping to create world-class creative outputs that transform the complex into beautifully simple creative solutions. You’ll take pride in your writing craft. You’ll have a keen ability to tease simple, human, insightful and memorable stories out of highly complex source material. You’ll love both short form and long form writing. You’ll see the story where others see noise. You’ll be intellectually curious about complex business challenges and emerging technologies. Stoked to be at the bleeding edge of business. Yearning for an experience different from your typical big ad agency creative department. You won’t need lots of infrastructure, support and hand holding to succeed. You’d rather go makes something instead of asking permission first. Ideally, you’ll have well-known and awarded multi-disciplinary work in any of the following categories/clients: SAP, IBM, Microsoft, software, cloud, enterprise, financial, pharma, patient journeys, patient portals or any other evidence of the ability to take complex, knarly challenges and make them beautifully simple. Then, and only then, will you join our crazy-talented group of design-lovers, storytellers and technologists with a SEAL Team 6 mentality—and help us redefine business through the power of creativity.