Digital Marketing Asset Manager

Seattle, WA
Job Terms:
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Luisiana Cruz

Job Description:

services to be performed 

Reviewing all video assets against specifications, booking weekly ad lines for world wide support of AOS, trafficking video assets to each region supported by the program, weekly reporting, QA of all creative and line items created in the ad server. 
required skills 

Digital advertising experience, detail-oriented, exceptional time management, ability to work under deadline. 
preferred skills 

Past experience in ad operations (AdOps), QA, and/or media analytics a plus. 

********** Qualification call notes *********** 

Tell me about your team and how this resource will fit in? 
• This team handles all of the Internal digital advertising.
• This person will support the day to day operations of AOS video spots during Thursday Night Football broadcasts on the Prime Video platform 

Responsibilities/Deliverables that the resource will be responsible for? Assessed/ things that are qualifyable 
• Technical day to day to prepare the digital tv ads  and get them up and running each week for the 9 Thursday night football games. 
• Weekly rinse and repeat 
• Getting all of the ad lines set up 
• Managing the assets (video files – obtaining all of the video files/making sure they meet specifications – length, content, format, etc) 
• Placing files into ad servicing system 
• Reporting