Senior UI / Visual Designer for Interactive Products

New York, NY (midtown)
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Amy Izzo

Job Description:

Senior UI/Visual Designer for Interactive Products 

Duration: 12 months+

We’re looking for a visual designer who specializes in Information design. The appropriate candidate loves making sense of complex things (whether information, data, controls or even conceptual in nature) with the intention of reframing it into something simple, elegant, and actionable. You’ll enjoy asking tough questions to help deconstruct the problem and mine for insights. And in general, you’ll love producing high quality, clever, designs that elegantly solve the problem and not surprisingly delight the users. Ideal candidates are part inventor, part craftsman but most of all, makers. 

We sit within a Product Management organization and so we are serious creating tools and services that improve peoples’ lives (at work) and achieve clear business goals. Our users have complex, fast-paced, informationally overloaded jobs (within an already complex industry) and so their tools must provide benefits without adding to it.

In the New Product Development group, our role is to drive an agenda of innovation by helping to identify and evolve the best ideas by partnering up with our skilled team of data scientists, engineers, and business owners to figure out the best path to success. ​​

Role Description 
The Senior Visual Designer is co-owner of the design and identity of next-generation, bespoke, multi-channel applications. SVDs lead the design effort for applications that are dynamic, information and data rich, highly specialized, and built within the scope of the latest technological trends (e.g. data science, block chain, and new application frameworks). Other responsibilities of SVDs include the following. 
• Create and evolve the visual design language for the products we work on while maintaining awareness of the larger ecosystem of product and design standards 
• Help establish a culture of design within the group and among our stakeholders 
• Collaborate with our cross disciplinary teams to transform requirements into compelling designs that fulfill on the promise of the product 
• Ensure your proposed designs are specified with the required level of detail (in the form of red-lines and assets) to guide the process of design and development 
• Take an active role in the quality assurance throughout development and deployment 
• Actively support efforts to codify preferred and industry-appropriate design standards 

Above all, candidates should be excited and motivated to create next-generation user interfaces applying expertise within the fields of Information Design, Interaction Design, and Data Visualization to develop compelling designs for our products and services. Candidates should also have the following qualifications and experiences. 
• Be a trained Graphic/Information Designer who balances expertise in ‘craft’ with an academic interest in the relevant fields of Design (theories of visual perception and cognition, among other things) 
• Leverages his/her design skills, and awareness of the user and business goals, to imagine, illustrate, and help realize compelling functional interfaces 
• Establish and promote design guidelines, best practices and standards 
• A team player with a positive attitude. You enjoy collaborating with others to achieve design goals. 
• Can skillfully represent the visual design discipline, within a multi-disciplinary product team, when presenting to stakeholders, sponsors, and critics 
• Enjoys new design challenges including those involving complex information, data visualizations, and interactivity 
• Must be able to maintain healthy relationships with our business and technology partners 
• Comfortable employing his/her skills across all stages of the design and development process including conception, design, standardization, specification, and enforcement 
• Is curious and resourceful and with that, able to learn and operate within the complex business domains of the company 
• Is detail oriented and always concerned about the end products 
• Be an exceptional multitasker who’s quick and organized 
• You stay up to date on the latest design trends and applications. 

Candidates must have: 
• A proven track record creating design languages for an interaction-complex applications, sites, mobile et. al. 
• A strong portfolio of work emphasizing his/her depth of experience with graphic and information design for interactive products/sites, and where possible data visualization. 
• Minimum of 5 years experience working in a professional capacity as a visual designer on highly interactive and data rich applications 

Educational Experience 
Bachelor's Degree in Design with emphasis in one or more of the following: Digital Design, Communication Design, Information Design, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Motion Design