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Jessica Wolcott

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Someone who is primarily experienced in UX Copywriting. This should be represented in more than a year or two of experience and their resume should speak to this. UX Copywriting, for us, primarily involves working within our application to develop consistent styles and voice for labels, error messages, copy within the application, contextual help and any form of writing or communication (within the app) to the user. 
· Given the above point, we would expect this person to be highly skilled in technical writing with a keen attention to detail. 
· The candidate will also help us establish a narrative within the system through the consistent use of style and voice in communicating with the end-user. This means they will have to understand the user, context of use and the overall experience vision our team wishes to create for the user. 
· This person will develop style guides for writing and aid in content management within the style guide using Confluence. Content management experience is not a requirement, but a nice bonus if they have it. 
· There may be an opportunity for writing marketing copy, blogs, articles etc. But, this is less of a requirement or interest for us. We would assume any writer we hire with a journalism or English degree would have the ability to perform these tasks.