Technical Writer

Mountain View, CA
Job Terms:
Up to 56.67/hr. DOE
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Ryan Stipes

Job Description:

Tech Writers must be able to create API Developer Content from inception. They must be able to speak to their thought process/approach on how to they information gather, organize and format their writing.
Understand how to read and interpret developer code.  They will be expected to interface with the developers to discuss content to complete the writing. 
Additionally - candidates must be able to interview consistently and professionally and speak to their experience, methods and how they overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve the writing goal. 

***Writing samples required*** 

Technical Writer 
As a technical writer working on developer products, you will write conceptual documentation, detailed developer and integration guides, code samples, API references, and tutorials for internal developers. 

You will also be responsible for the quality, discoverability and accuracy of the content for the internal developer team. You will do hands-on research and obtain necessary technical content from subject matter experts while translating it into clear, concise, structured documentation. This means at any given time you will be doing a combination of writing new content, editing contributed content, or fixing and reorganizing existing documentation. 

You might have a background as a developer and have a passion for teaching others through written communication; or you're a seasoned communicator with experience in languages such as Java or JavaScript. 

Top 3 daily Responsibilities: 
1. Design, write, and edit technical documentation, such as integration guides, API reference docs, developer guides, overview docs, architecture diagram, codelabs, and tutorials for other teams to help them integrate with the platform. 
2. Work closely with engineering, product, and support teams to ensure the quality, discoverability, and accuracy of the content you create and develop. 
3. Identify documentation gaps, and work with engineers and cross-functional teams to fill those gaps through documentation. 

Required qualifications: 
- BA/BS degree in computer science, technical writing, physics, mathematics, or chemistry or equivalent experience. 
- 5+ years experience in writing, technical documentation, and/or developer outreach for a developer audience. 
- 2+ years experience with a programming language such as JavaScript, Objective-C, Java, PHP, Python, etc. 
- Experience writing, proofreading and editing. 
- The ability to produce and organize content with a logical flow. 
- Experience with authoring tools such as XML, HTML, Markdown, and Google Docs. 
- Experience programming, using the command-line, trying out user interfaces, and working with prototype hardware in test environments. 


Background check required if selected.