Front End Developer

Job Terms:

Job Description:

Project Description: 
Will work on front-end technologies for the Universal Work Order project. This project is working to consolidate three different service programs into one. 

Position Overview: 

Responsibilities/Deliverables that the resource will be responsible for: 
Delivering world class code that is easy-to-understand, tested, and meets requirements. 
Taking projects, with limited guidance, to the finish line. 

Skills Overview: 
What are the MUST have skills that you are looking for in a candidate? 
4+ years of Javascript experience with multiple modern frameworks. 
2+ years of REACT/REDUX experience. 
2+ years of another programming language 
What are the technologies and the depth of the technologies that a candidate must have in order to be successful in this role? 
Years of technical knowledge in web development. We look for someone that is self-learning, self-sufficient, and holds themselves to high standards of development best practices and industry trends.