Senior UX Designer, Must have Gaming Exp

Santa Monica, CA
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Susan Reese

Job Description:

Seeking an experienced and incredibly talented Senior UX Designer to partner with the UI and Gameplay teams to design a range of User Interface and User Experience content and functionality. In this role, you will interpret the needs of the game and its systems to understand what drives the information being presented to the player, and the desired player experience. You will collaborate with engineers, artists and designers to drive technical implementation and asset creation. You will take ownership of the player experience, and not just menus and on-screen overlays, but how we communicate information to the player in general. 

Design the UI and UX for the project. 
Support and supplement the creative vision of the Game Director, Art Director and Design Director, achieving clarity and visual quality within technical constraints. 
Participate in the creation and maintenance of a functioning, iterative UI pipeline, in collaboration with other disciplines. 
Create and/or integrate assets and test functionality of UI components. 
Define elegant and intuitive UI/UX structure and flow, utilizing grey-boxing, wire-framing and other prototyping techniques. 
Ensure information is conveyed to the player clearly, and in keeping with the visual style and context of the game as a whole. In addition to a front-end shell and pause menus, this might also include (but is not limited to) health/damage information, leading the player, indicating objectives, weapons, pickups, items, skills, upgrades and player progression systems. 
Own and communicate the high level vision and creative goals for the User Experience. 
Play and analyze many games, and understand a wide variety of approaches to UI and UX. 

6+ years in game development, with at least 4 years in UI or UX design role. 
Be passionate and knowledgeable about UI and UX design, and able to articulate this. 
Ability to generate and convey the vision for the user experience. 
Understand how to break down that vision into a roadmap for getting content into the game and up on the screen. 
Recent console title shipped in UI or UX Design role is preferred. 
Experience creatively leading a cross-functional team is preferred.