Lead Qualification Representative

Carlsbad, CA
Job Terms:
$24/hr + subsidized benefits
posted by:
Packard Fancher

Job Description:

The Lead Qualification Representative performs and tracks outbound telephone campaigns targeting customers that have responded to various marketing programs. Daily management and manipulation of spreadsheets, performing basic analysis, and reporting is required. The LQ rep will manage numerous campaigns simultaneously and exercise wide scientific technical knowledge in customer interactions regarding product promotions and campaigns.


Lead Qualification Responsibilities:

  • In-depth understanding of life sciences and products to cross-sell, discuss customer projects across their workflows, and identify additional opportunities
  • Make numerous outbound calls to customers that have responded to a marketing tactic.
  • Loosely follow a script, in a timely manner, to determine if a customer is interested in follow up from sales.
  • Track calls and continue to attempt live contact a pre-determined number of times before designating lead as abandoned.
  • Close out call disposition after a live contact by either, marking as not interested or create a sales opportunity in the CRM database.
  • Manage incoming leads on an ongoing basis.
  • Organize the unique contents of the “Marketing Playbook” that is associated with each campaign.
  • Send relevant “Marketing Playbook” materials to sales rep for each opportunity identified and communicated to sales.
  • Refer customer to varies customer support teams if an issue is identified or if a new account needs to be created.
  • Work with program/product managers to gain an understanding of the product(s) in order to  have an educated conversation with the customer
  • Provide comprehensive and timely reports on program metrics and customer feedback for program stakeholders
  • Update and maintain a complete dashboard ofall active/completed/terminated programs
  • This role is responsible for passing opportunities to appropriate sales reps, not selling



Bachelors Degree Required (science related field is preferred)