Graphic Designer - Packaging

Pawtucket, RI
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Jordan Woeltje

Job Description:

Under the direction of an Art Director, you will contribute to the overall creation and implementation of package designs that translate brand message while maximizing current technologies and trends.

Key responsibilities include: conceptualize and execute packaging concepts which include line looks, logos, basic structural studies, etc. using standard industry computer graphics software; participate and contribute in brainstorm sessions and consistently use sense of creativity, foresight and good design judgment in developing and applying marketplace trends (e.g. competitive graphics, styles, fashion, lifestyles, etc.); utilize internal resources and time management skills to independently manage projects and achieve individual project milestones and provide support for presentation, trade show and other packaging comp needs.

Education Requirements: 
Mid-Level - Associates Degree with a minimum of five years administrative project management experience. 

Mid-Level - Requires technical knowledge, training and understanding of a job's requirements. Typically possesses 3 to 6 years of relevant work experience. 

Need someone who has a background and understanding of packaging design. Not interested in someone who specializes or has mostly only experience with photography or marketing 

The person in this position will be sent projects at various stages of completion and need them to be able to run with it – make any changes, then take the package through the approval process and get it out the door. Once this person gets the package it will probably be 90-95% done and will need to make any changes coming out of meetings with the team – implementing comments and changes from marketing, copy, product design, etc. 

This position must be able to handle multiple projects, all in various stages of completion and approvals. Multi-tasking and being organized is a huge necessity.