Senior Javascript Developer (6567 - 1)

Richfield, MN
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Clay Braham

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Team Overview

Commerce View – We deliver the transactional commerce experiences for our company website and the digital channel. The team operates in a rapid, iterative capacity to continuously drive new capabilities, improve customer experience and support company wide initiatives.


Role Scope

This team works on the cart/checkout on our website and they work with every Dotcom dollar that our company brings in; they are a very critical team to the company's success. This team also has led the way on technology adoption at our company; they were the first to implement React and they are right on the forefront of technology that our company is adopting. Our companies web pages are highly interactive and dynamic, and they benefit the most from the newest technologies. React is heavily used, but not the only technology that they use; they look for the best tool for the job even if it is the newest. This team builds all of their solutions.