Business Analyst

Cumberland, RI
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Luisiana Cruz

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This position will assist in the management of a business unit helping meet corporate priority through both analytical and non-analytical work efforts. Initial job responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, reviewing and performing quality assurance testing on program analyses provided to business to ensure accuracy, following up with analysts providing reports to have issues confirmed and addressed, helping fulfill provision of contracts to external business partners, tracking team follow-up items and accomplishments weekly. Over time, job will also include exposure to different analytical tools and, assuming skills and interests allow, an introduction to SQL data querying for efficient analytical purposes.
Strong interpersonal skills, able to work cross-functionally, being self-driven, able to independently problem solve data integrity issues, strong organizational and analytical skills with the ability to comprehend, analyze and interpret data from a statistical relevance and accuracy perspective. Previous experience in analytics and/or marketing, specifically in the area of product/services and client marketing is highly desired. Demonstrated initiative, ability to handle multiple projects in a fast paced environment. Strong project management and follow-up skills. Must be have strong Excel skills to perform analyses of the file contents and have interest in learning new analytical tools and SQL querying.
Minimum of 3+ yrs of combined experience in an analytical, Sales focus, and/or inter-discpliplinary product development operational team with analytical responsibilities are a must. No Sales experience or knowledge is necessary. Knowledge of SQL query and how data is warehoused is strongly desired despite the position not having much involvement in SQL.
High School Diploma or GED required. Bachelors degree in related field or equivalent work experience preferred.
What hours will the person work in this position? If training hours are different, please include.
Monday - Friday 8:30 -5:00