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Redmond, Wa
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Jessica Goodson

Job Description:

The Engineering Systems PM team is looking for a Technical Writer with experience planning, writing and delivering documentation for a developer audience. The documentation will describe the customized Git implementation for an internal audience.

The deliverable will be a comprehensive set of documentation hosted on Wiki site. The topics will cover how developers within the Company will utilize Git for source control for their code. The content will be a combination of standardized Git documentation but more importantly descriptions of how the Company has customized Git functionality to serve their source control requirements.

This technical writer must know how to:
• Review existing documentation, some written by PMs on the team
• Identify gaps in the current docs
• Create a sitemap for the Wiki and review with the team the intent and goals for all of the proposed changes from the current docs
• Create a topic template
• Write all of the topics with an emphasis on technical accuracy and consistency
• Drive all review processes with stakeholders

The writer will need to work full-time from Red,pmd, as building relationships and confidence with the Engineering PMs is going to be pivotal in the success of this project. They will need to work quickly as there are plans to migrate thousands of devs to this platform in the next few months. They will need to know how to do basic Git functions as check-in, check-out, merge conflicts, workflows, managing repositories, etc. The documentation should explicitly describe the implementation of this functionality.

The most important aspect is for this technical writer to be a self-starter and drive the entire documentation process. Knowledge of Git is a requirement. The writer must have great project management and communication skills as they will need to build consensus within the internal PM team before disseminating the wiki to the dev audience.