Heads Up 2.0

Created exclusively for Aquent / Vitamin T talent!


In order for the Heads Up app to work, it needs to be able to do a few things:

Modify Your Contact List and Make Calls

The Heads Up app makes it possible for you to call or email your agent from within the app. In order to do that, the app needs to access and modify your contacts (by adding your agent’s info) as well as read and write call logs.

Access the Internet

In order to submit timecards and see if your timecards have been approved, the app needs to be able to talk with our database (the CloudWall) via your phone’s internet connection.

Know Your Approximate Location

The app uses your location to determine which version of app content it should display. For example, the content in the Japanese version differs from that of the US version. Similarly, the Netherlands app, which also uses the English language, displays content relevant to that country. The app also uses your location to identify your local market when accessing its job search section.

The fastest way to check in and submit your timecards with us!