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Will Work for Inspiration

Will Work for Inspiration

I was talking to Monica on our Print team about inspiration and wondered (since she's actually a Designer and I'm not) where she gets her inspiration when she's stuck.

Like all Designers I know, she seems to see the world through design-colored glasses and every trip out shopping can give her inspiration. And when you're stuck at your desk staring at the feared blank screen? She goes to the Dieline for samples of beautiful packaging triumphs and, of course, HOW Magazine and Communication Arts.

For me, coming from the writing side, it's a bit different to find something that will spin ideas. Weirdly, watching a bad movie or play can become a creative experience, as you rewrite the whole thing while it's unfolding before your eyes (you can tell how fun I am to go out with).

For anyone working on story, story lines, or heck, just relating to everyday people, there's The Moth, which hosts live storytelling performances. Each person works without cards and tells their story in front of a live audience. These are ones from real people who tell about "the most exceptional thing that happened" to them. The Village Voice, London Times, and NY Times rave about the performances. As well they should.

Their free podcasts highlight the best stories told, which include the inventor of the "Baby Calzone" and his restaurant backed by mobsters, a NYC bar owner who ended up at the wrong end of a gang initiation, and Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point, The New Yorker) sharing how he worked odd expressions into the mainstream American press for fun when he worked the science desk at the Washington Post.

Well worth checking out, whether you're stuck for inspiration or not.

The Moth

(And of course, This American Life has a podcast, too.)

Anyone else have any other compelling sites to pass along?


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