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Why Content Matters In Marketing

Why Content Matters In Marketing
And Why You Should Care.

Content is becoming increasingly important for marketing success. Today, savvy marketers are embracing a content-focused marketing strategy to achieve three critical goals.

1. Improving online presence. Google’s latest algorithm has put original content center stage. Not only is Google dinging content farms, but any site that uses duplicate content. If you use a blog writing subscription service, your blog content may well be the same as dozens of other companies—meaning your site will likely get removed from Google search results for having duplicate content. What’s more, Google is placing higher emphasis on content that’s been recommended by others. Thus, to rank among the top coveted search results in Google, you need people to “like” or “tweet” your website or blog content.

2. Gaining credibility. Knowing that consumers are accustomed to a barrage of advertisements, marketers are building more meaningful relationships with clients by producing relevant information. Instead of interrupting people with ads, they’re developing content their clients are actually looking for. Instead of merely pitching their products, they’re using blogs, webcasts, newsletters, white papers, byline articles, and other channels to add value to prospective clients.

3. Strengthening their brand presence. 99 percent of marketers said content is important to their brand marketing strategy, according to a recent survey by Outbrain. In fact, nearly 60 percent said they’re spending 25 percent or more of their marketing budgets on content. This often involves highlighting the voices of internal and external stakeholders to tell the company’s story.

There are challenges to developing quality content. Writing unique content isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires talent who will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the company’s evolving marketing strategy
  • Understand the nuances of your industry
  • Chase down and interview internal subject matter experts to share their industry knowledge
  • Write in a compelling way that engages readers
  • Develop clear, concise content that’s easy for your audience to consume
  • Repurpose content that’s appropriate for each marketing channel, including blogs, brochures, byline articles, case studies, direct mailers, emails, Facebook pages, newsletters, Twitter accounts, press releases, websites, white papers, and more

Leveraging the right talent can have a tremendous impact on improving online ranking, strengthening brand identity, and increasing credibility.


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