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Why Both Temp-to-Perm and Temping are Wise Choices

Why Both Temp-to-Perm and Temping are Wise Choices

We know a majority of our expert talent come to us for both:

  • A foot in the door for more permanent work at some of the world's biggest brands.
  • Work that offers them the flexibility they want.

So, while browsing the stats on a temporary workers survey, conducted and reported by Staffing Industry Analysts, we were glad to see hard data that confirmed what we instinctively understand. The study found that most of those surveyed use temp jobs to find permanent employment (either directly through temp assignments or as a means of support while searching for a perm position). We wondered though, has it always been that way?

Apparently not. With a bit of digging, we discovered a 384-page book titled Temporary Agency Work and the Information Society, edited by Roger Blanpain and Ronnie Graham. Our curiosity didn’t compel us to read the book, but did encourage us to read the description. The first sentence came as a surprise: “A generation ago, temporary work was practically outlawed.” How crazy is that? Reading on, we learned that this label of an outlawed profession came from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in the 1950s and was backed by Trade unions. The rationale was that temporary workers hurt the roles of permanent workers. There was also the concern that temporary workers weren’t treated as equally as their permanent counterparts.

Thankfully, times have changed. Going back to the Staffing Industry Analysts survey, other than the approx. 75% who use temping to find their ideal job, it also reports the remaining 25% use temping for earning supplemental income, to learn new skills, and because they desire a flexible schedule. This was especially true in the survey’s Artist/Designer/Media category.

In our minds, the message is clear. Temping serves many professionals across all industries. And, regardless of why you temp, it’s a wise choice all around.


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