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Why Aren’t You Leveraging All Your Digital Data?

Why Aren’t You Leveraging All Your Digital Data?

Big data is awesome, but it’s no good if it sits around collecting dust. A study conducted by the Society of New Communications Research (SNCR) found that 78% of marketers surveyed were not able to use all of the customer data available to them. The top two reasons why:

  • Lack of skills
  • Lack of technology

The ability to track ROI down to the penny and gather customer data have been two of the drivers behind the advances in marketing technology over the years. Some also think (and we agree) that a judicious use of data can better inform the creative process. (A good read on this topic is a recent article entitled “Data Does Not Kill Creativity.”)

Clearly, marketing and creative organizations have come a long way in terms of gathering data. Now it’s time to staff up and take advantage of the power of the data. We’ve helped clients build large teams of in-house data analytics professionals, so we know that there are skilled professionals available who are well versed in:

  • Data mining
  • Multi-channel reporting
  • Audience segmentation
  • Cross-channel campaign and promotion analyses
  • Predictive response, sales response, and media mix modeling

The contractors we place help our clients thrive through better data analytics. If your organization is not proactively recruiting the people with the right skills to put your data to work, it’s probably time to start. Your ability to define new strategies, discover new opportunities, and be more creative depends on it.


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