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Who’s Your Company’s Socialite?

Who’s Your Company’s Socialite?

We’re talking about those incredibly savvy professionals who introduce your brand to the best social circles and secure your online presence. As this post on Entrepreneur points out, Social Media Managers (a.k.a. Community Managers) have the right balance of curiosity, sense of urgency, and refined relationship skills.

A strong Community Manager is the point from which all your audience engagement flows. Depending on the size of your business, you may have a Community Manager who builds the foundation for your future social expansion, or leads a team that reaches across all channels in a consistent voice.

For further clarification, here’s the lowdown on how a social media campaign typically works: Take a successful brand with multiple products or services. A Community Manager designs an audience engagement plan based on input from each product director and key internal stakeholders. This manager then brings in freelance social media specialists to assist in the brainstorming and deployment of the final campaign. These campaigns publicize live events, product releases, and company news the way traditional PR used to, but with a much greater reach.

Another aspect of life as a Community Manager is in companies with ongoing, high-volume social engagement needs. Community Managers are invaluable in identifying talent with the right social media skills to handle this new promotional and PR-related medium efficiently. These managers also monitor community feedback, which helps customer service or acts as such, and are able to track customer response to specific social approaches.

It may seem like a challenge to find someone as skilled, talented, and special as a Community Manager, and it is, especially if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, we’ve got them and they’re among the hottest new professionals we place. Tell us what what your social media plans are and we’ll find your perfect head socialite.


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