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When You're Wrong, You're Wrong?

When You're Wrong, You're Wrong? image
When You're Wrong, You're Wrong?

A few days ago I said that I didn’t believe in those design forums where a bunch of anonymous people pick apart a logo, illustration, ad campaign, etc.

Well, apparently everyone else loves the idea.

How do I know? Because Creative Pro’s forum about the new Michael’s logo got such a great response that they’re now showcasing the new Sears logo.

Am I just missing something here in the very opinionated Web world? (I heard Adam Carolla say today that YouTube is essentially the equivalent of a high school girls’ bathroom. If you did it and don’t want it to get out there, too bad. Someone’s already filmed and posted your mistake.)

I’m hoping some of you Creatives out there could give me some input. Maybe I’m totally off here.

Comments and your votes are welcomed!

Post Script – I got this comment from one of the Aquent HQ Creatives:

Hey, I saw your blog post on commenting on logos. And yes, it helps me in design. Its like when you show your design teacher something and he tells you what he thinks. I’d much rather hear what the rest of the design world thinks of certain designs, than people who don’t know design. Because in the end, it’s a tougher audience.

Here’s a site I read daily.”

Sure enough, Creatives seem to be leaning toward these being helpful. Maybe a) Designers are different than Writers or b) it’s all just me.

I’ll get back to you.


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