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When to Hire a Full-Time Employee Instead of a Freelancer for Your Creative Team

When to Hire a Full-Time Employee Instead of a Freelancer for Your Creative Team

Hiring managers sometimes wonder if it’s better to hire a freelance talent or a full-time employee to meet a creative talent need. Hiring independent professionals provides flexibility and can be more cost-effective than paying a full-time salary, but full-time hires provide organizations with substantial benefits in their own right.

Here are four signs that you need a full-time employee instead of a freelancer for your creative team.

You Want to Develop Strong Workplace Culture

Freelance professionals have unique skills and strengths that come from working with a range of clients and industries, but in the end, they’re independent; they work for themselves. Many full-time talent choose their setup precisely because they value their autonomy.

Managing a full-time staff also allows you to plan for the long term. You have a vision for what you want your business—and your team—to look like years into the future, and hiring a full-time employee allows you to think beyond the current project. You can select someone whose personality, attitudes and interests, work habits and long-term goals align with the other members of your department, or offer some needed diversity.

Hiring full-time employees gives you a team of seasoned, experienced staff you can rely on day after day. They stick around for the long haul and can help develop a more consistent workplace culture than multiple freelancers. You may have to invest in training, but you retain access to those skills as long as they work for your company.

You Require Strict Control Over Workers

With freelance talent, you can review samples of their previous work and talk to past clients to get an idea of what you will receive. You can specify deadlines and set your budget, but you can’t tell them how to go about accomplishing the work you assign. They make their own schedule and often use their own software and technology.

When your company needs to maintain strict regulation and direction over work, an in-house employee will complete every step under your supervision. You decide where they do the work, so if it needs to be completed with specific tools or security protocols, you have the authority to require them to do it your way.

When you pay their full-time salary, you have the right to influence or control the critical details of your employee’s work—their hours, what productivity and quality levels they maintain, and especially how they accomplish specific sensitive tasks.


You Thrive on In-House Training

Independent professionals have tried and true strategies for getting jobs done on their own terms. But if your company prefers to train employees in-house, go with someone who is willing and able to do things according to company specifications.

Training someone from the ground up gives you the freedom to prevent bad habits and develop employee compliance. It also makes it easier to integrate new hires with your current staff, since they use the same tools and operate under the same daily requirements as everyone else.

You Need More Time and Energy Dedicated to a Project

There’s no one perfect method when it comes to deciding whether hiring employees or hiring freelancers is the best choice. But if a project requires detailed reports, long-term attention, or specific deliverables, no freelancer can deliver quite like a full-time team member.

Also, when your need for help is so acute that it starts to impact the success of your business, it’s often best to take someone on full-time. Hiring and and onboarding can be time-consuming and expensive upfront, but being short-staffed inhibits growth over time. Not only do you miss out on business opportunities, but current employees begin to experience burnout and fatigue. Productivity starts to falter, and you find yourself less and less able to handle current demand.

A new employee can infuse your department with fresh energy and new life, offering a needed morale boost and increased focus. Start a conversation with us today to find out how we can help with your recruiting needs.


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