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What Makes Me Sick About the Design Business (From Creative Beacon)

What Makes Me Sick About the Design Business (From Creative Beacon)

This rant/rave is from who posted this on theAquent LinkedIn Network. He also brought us How to Create Amazing 3D with Textures in Photoshop. He speaks to the design industry with his frustrations of designers who:

  • Undercharge because they are not adequately trained.
  • Claim technical expertise in areas that they don’t actually have.
  • Overcharge.

OK, this is not any of us reading this post, right? I’m sure about that! But how does a client who is not a design professional make a good hire whether it’s for a project or a full-time job? We have a lot of ideas about that at Aquent. First of all, we don’t actually place full time (so this is not self-promotional, honest!). We offer this advice:

  • Understand the Talent’s portfolio. Take the time to go over the portfolio IN PERSON with the candidates. Don’t just view the pretty pictures but peel away the layers: What the goal for this project? Who else worked on this project? What role were you responsible for? What limitations did you have? What are you most proud of? What was the impact of the project? What was your rate for this project? How long did it take? What were the challenges?
  • Set very clear expectations of your project. Lay out milestones that tie back to compensation and review periods. Ask prospective hires about giving you references and samples of projects similar in scope to yours. And make sure you see those projects in their portfolio!
  • Check references. Don’t check the references a list. Remember the Talent’s previous projects that were similar to yours? Ask the folks on that project how your prospective hire performed. Get those names and numbers instead! Bonus, you may learn from their mistakes for your project!
  • Do this a few times to give yourself both choices and an education on hiring designers. You will be an expert at hiring in this field in no time!

Here is CreativeBeacon’s legitimate gripe on What Makes Me Sick About the Design Industry:

The business of graphic and web design is a difficult business to break into. Designers are no longer expected to simply be print experts, but they must also have web knowledge as well. Most designers these days are well rounded and are capable of handling both worlds. This business is an ever-changing one, but there are some major things that tick me off to no end.

The first one are these so called designers that claim to be professionals. They have not had any formal training in art or design and belong nowhere near a design studio, let alone doing freelance work for major companies. They tell everyone that that can do a logo or print work very cheap, and when doing so, they under cut the real deal professionals and make us look like we are the rip-offs. Then, when they get a commissioned job with someone, they do such a terrible job that they leave a company feeling jaded towards graphic designers everywhere. Not only are these selfish jerks ruining our opportunities for real business ventures, they are making all design work look overpriced.

To read the rest of his post.


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